Sarabjeet Singh Marwah (Composer/ Sound Engineer)


We have in our arsenal, top quality industry standard equipment to get the best audio results for all types of work. We work on "Steinberg Cubase 5.0" with audio interface "Audient ID 14", which has world class "pre-amps". For more presence in live recording, we have external "Golden Age vintage mic pre-amp 72 jr" which has great sound that suits most sound sources and genres. For capturing any kind of voice or instruments, we have world class microphones like "Rode NT2A, Sennheiser 945, Shure SM 57,58." To monitor the audio, we have "Yamaha MSP5." So as you can see whatever your need, be it a simple Voice over for a school play or recording a full music album, we at SMA recording Studio are capable of catering to all your needs.


Be it a simple Voice Over for a School Play or a complex recording assignment for a music album, background score, ad-jingle or feature film, our sound design team, composers and musicians are more than capable of handling any challenge.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is not only a science but also an art, one which takes years of experience to grasp. Even the best compositions recorded with the best equipment can suffer fatally if they are not Mixed and Mastered well. However, our clients do not have to worry about any such issue because the combined experience of our team exceeds 10 years in the field of Sound Design and Composing.

Background Score

There is no denying the importance of Background Score in Cinema, Advertising, Radio, Voice Overs, Theater etc. Whether you want to infuse life into some audio or video byte Or fill an unwanted stretch of silence that’s giving you trouble, our composers can find a solution for you.

Music Composition

The right tune can leave an impact which lasts much longer than any visual or words. If you are looking for a new tune or song for your next project be it an ad-jingle, title track for a movie/short film, product launch, etc. then ours is the team you have been looking for.