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In today's world a majority of professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Managers, Sales Executives, etc. suffer from varying degrees of stress, anxiety and depression. Due to this substance abuse has spread like an epidemic. To counter this, millions of dollars are spent each year by organisations and individuals in seeking out the services of motivational speakers, spiritual speakers, yoga therapists, dance therapists, etc. However, as is the case with therapies like yoga, dance, etc. despite being tremendously effective these tools cannot be accessed by individuals anytime of the day due to time and space constraints. That is where 'Stress Management Through Music' is particularly effective. Their is plenty of scientific evidence available in medical journals and on the internet from around the world that conclusively proves how music, helps in tackling even the severest kind of stress, anxiety and depression. As opposed to other tools that require active participation by an individual, music can be used passively while doing other tasks. Today's technology allows an individual to access an infinite library of great music from around the world at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere. Computer/smart phones/books, resource management and travelling are the three most time consuming aspects of a professional's life these days. In all these scenarios where accessing tools like dance, yoga and meditation might not be possible, music can definitely do the job. However, currently most of the music aired and advertised on radio and television is the kind that induces stress instead of relieving it. Continued exposure to such music for a long duration of time, especially with ear phones, can cause severe headaches, migraines and premature hearing loss at an early age. For the purpose of Music Therapy and relaxation it is Classical Music that has been found to be most appropriate scientifically. However, in most cases, due to zero exposure since childhood, most individuals are not receptive to this kind of music and find it boring. Classical music is like a foreign language, although it is beautiful in its own right, to our ears it is nothing more than noise. It is like black coffee, dark chocolate and fine wine, in the beginning it tastes awful but over a period of time an individual can learn to appreciate and enjoy its delicacy. Simply put, classical music is an acquired taste and requires the right kind of guidance. We believe that love of Classical music is like a priceless treasure that can be passed on from one person to another or one generation to the next. If people in today's highly competitive and demanding, corporate and professional environments can be exposed to the wonders of Indian classical music and its healing properties then the next generation of professionals who are currently under training at educational institutions around the world will find a very different work environment than the one existing today, when they step into the professional world.

Our Objectives

(a) Spreading awareness about Benefits of Music Education. - (b) Spreading awareness about Music Therapy. - (c) Promoting music as a hobby. - (d) Spreading awareness about - How to avoid fraudulent teachers and institutions. - (e) Promoting Indian Classical Music.