Our Philosophy

To us music is not merely a subject, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is deeply rooted in the traditional "Guru - Shishya Parampara" that has been followed by musicians for thousands of years in our country. As an institution dedicated to the art of teaching Indian Classical Music we try our best to make this vast subject as interesting for our students as possible. However, entertaining students or their parents is not our primary motive. We believe in giving this spiritual subject the kind of respect it deserves, only then will we and our students be able to receive Goddess Saraswati's blessings in return. The core philosophy behind our teaching methods is to teach SINGING NOT SONGS. The process of learning is very similar to that of learning a language. If an individual wishes to read, write and understand a language and gain proficiency he/she must first study the alphabets, words, grammar, sentence structure, essay writing etc. and so on. Similarly, the process of studying music is all about learning Sur, Taal, Alaap, Taan, Bandish, Voice Culture, etc. It is only when a student begins to understand all these concepts simultaneously is he/she able to understand music in its totality. And just like a language cannot be learnt within a matter of few weeks or months, similarly proficiency in music (instrumental or vocal) cannot be achieved in such a short time frame. Therefore, all students who wish to pursue music not as a subject (short duration) but as a lifestyle (long duration), be it as a hobby or professionally will find that Swarveni Music Academy is the place they have been looking for.


The very foundation of any art form is Riyaaz (practice). Long before students learn the art of singing, they have to learn the art of Riyaaz. At the beginner level Riyaaz is more or less the same for all students whether they are studying music a hobby or pursuing it professionally. However, as the students gains more experience each of them are guided to discover the kind of Riyaaz which is best suitable for their voice culture. To facilitate this we organize dedicated Riyaaz sessions separate from regular classes on a regular basis. This helps the students gain perspective about how to pursue their own Riyaaz at home in their individual style.

Music Appreciation

Long before a student becomes proficient in music (vocal or instrumental) he/she must become proficient in listening to music. The first ladder to becoming a good musician is to become a good listener. Just like a child learns to speak even before he/she goes to school just by listening to those around them. Similarly the kind of music one listens to determines the kind of musician he/she will become. Music appreciation is an essential part of any student's musical training. Any student who wants to excel, It is imperative for them to have in-depth knowledge of not only the practical aspect of Music but also the theoretical and historical aspects. In our Music Appreciation classes we teach our students about various artists, their distinctive styles, Gharanas, instruments, various genres, evolution of music etc. We also screen documentaries, live-performance recordings in these sessions.


A combination of both practical and theoretical knowledge immensely helps the students in grasping all the aspects of their subject. To facilitate this we invite artists and scholars every month to conduct a workshop for the benefit of all our students. The exposure from these workshops helps the students in gaining a much broader understanding of their subject.


Listening to music on electronic devices can never be as rewarding an experience as listening to as artist perform live. Live performances are not only a great source of entertainment but also a tremendous learning experience for students. For this purpose we organize Baithaks every month at various venues across the city where we provide a platform to upcoming artists from the field of Indian Classical Music. both vocal and instrumental. Since these are traditional baithaks, during these baithaks our students get an opportunity to see these artists perform from a very close distance and also get chance to interact with them after the performance. This kind of exposure gives a whole new dimension to the learning process because watching these artists perform live achieves something that a recording never can - it inspires the students to strive for perfection.

Diploma/Degree Certification

All students, both hobbyists and aspiring professionals regardless of their age, who wish to enroll for Diploma or Degree certification can do so either at Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahbad) or Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa Vidyalaya, Khairagarh, Chattisgarh through us. Details for the same is provided by the faculty.